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Not so long ago, the popular YouTube Vanced app had a major upgrade with v15+, after a long wait. It featured newer YouTube version, better ad-blocking for YouTube, stability, several features and bug fixes. Today, a new build just came to light with YouTube Vanced APK v15.38.35. You also get an all new stable Vanced Manager v1.3.1 to install the Vanced app and new migroG build v0.2.12-203316. Most importantly, the developers also added a new Vanced YouTube Music v3.86.51 APK.

If you don’t know by now, YouTube Vanced is an unofficial YouTube client mod that comes with many premium and advanced features like Ad-Free videos, Picture in Picture (PIP) mode, SopnsorBlock to remove sponsored segments. It also includes minimize mode to listen to music with a locked screen or in the background. Dark Mode and complete AMOLED black theme. Sign-in with multiple Google Accounts. So basically all the features you could find in the YouTube Premium version.

The latest YouTube Vanced 15.38.35 APK now comes with official support for the SponsorBlock feature. This new feature lets you skips sponsor segments that are part of the videos. It is a crowdsourced platform. So users are continuously submitting (start:end) segments themselves. The latest version adds a guideline on how to use it. Most importantly, it brings support for Android 11, 10, 9 Pie, 8 Oreo, 7 Nougat, and more.

Moreover, the developers added a new Vanced Music app which has the same characteristics as the Vanced YouTube app, but for Music! Updated microG v0.2.12 and Vanced Manager v1.3.1. MicroG is a free and open source app that enables signing with Google accounts without Play Services or Play Store. Vanced Manager, on the other hand is a container app for all the Vanced apps like YouTube and Music.

What’s new with latest YouTube Vanced v15.38.35?

Changelog v15.38.35:

  • Added toggle in the player overlay for auto repeat instead of autoplay linking (autoplay needs to be turned off for background repeat)
  • Changed the Litho adblocking methods completely, enhanced ad removal with less performance impact and no scrolling glitches
  • Added sponsorblock guidelines (by bawm)
  • Improvements to sponsorblock buttons
  • Default resolution fix
  • Accessibility settings fixed
  • Fixed tablet settings crash
  • Fixed tablet swipe features
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements

Download latest YouTube Vanced APK (15.38.35)

The latest YouTube Vanced v15.33.34 is not a standalone app. It comes with multiple APK files for compatibility; also known as bundled APK or split APKs. The base app comes with two more supporting config packages. So the developers created Vanced Manager that installs the YouTube Vanced, Music app, and all the necessary apps like microG on various Android smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, Android boxes, etc. Alternatively, we have also listed a standalone APK below, which you can install directly.

1. Download Vanced Manager APK (1.3.1)


  • Download and install Vanced Manager APK. (link above)
  • Launch Vanced Manager app.
  • Install microG from the app first. (required for Google Account sign in)
  • Install latest YouTube Vanced app from the manager.
  • Launch YouTube Vanced and sign in to your Google account

2. YouTube Vanced 15.38.35 Standalone APK

Here is the YouTube Vanced v15.38.35 standalone APK. Unlike the above, this is a full package. Just download the APK and install it! It does not come as bundled APKS/APKM files. The only difference is you get separate apps for dark theme and black theme for YouTube. Note that you will also need microG and maybe even Google Play Services installed on your phone.

There are two versions for arm and arm64 devices. Most of the modern devices are based on arm64. You can also – Easily Find Processor Architecture on Android Device: Find arm, arm64, x86 and all CPU Info.

Downloads for ARM64 devices

Downloads for ARM devices

  • YouTube Vanced-15.33.34| Gdrive downloads | Box Mirror (Not available)

3. YouTube Vanced Bundled APKM or Split APKS (Multiple languages)

This is the complete package with multiple language support! This YouTube Vanced v15.38.35 comes in bundled APKM format or split/multiple APKS. It comes with multiple language support including en, fr, ja, pt. However, there’s a downside to this. You will need a separate app to install this.

Latest downloads:


For the Bundled APKM (first link above), install via an application called App Manager. It can install any bundled APKM or even split APKS (second link above). Simply download the file from above, transfer it to phone storage, launch the App manager app and tap on the file to install.

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