Download NordVPN v4.11.7 Latest APK With Premium Accounts For Free 100% Working (Gift)

Download NordVPN v4.11.7 Latest APK With Premium Accounts For Free 100% Working (Gift)

As the Internet continuously develops, the need for browsing securely and privately has increased a lot. There are hundreds of VPN providers out there, but some barely meet the standards. That’s not the case for NordVPN, though, as they support lots of features for a reasonable price. It’s available for Android, iOS, Windows, and other operating systems. In this article, we will introduce you to the salient features of this application. Besides, we will also show you how to download and install the latest NordVPN Premium on Android. Check it out!

What is a VPN exactly?

When engineered first develop multi-connection, they didn’t care much about information privacy. While the Internet has changed significantly, it still has a minimum effort to protect your identity and data. As a result, you need a VPN.

When you turn on a VPN, it opens an encrypted tunnel between a server and your computer. Your web traffic runs through this tunnel, so no one in your location can know what information is going on from your device to anywhere else. What is more, a VPN protects you from malicious attacks – credit card hacking, phishing websites, and harmful viruses that would steal your files. Your internet service providers can also track you, but a VPN wouldn’t allow that to take place.


Your IP address is visible to everyone if they have a little research. By using it, including spies and advertisement agencies can determine your location. That’s another reason to keep it hidden.

How much does it cost for the full service?

NordVPN supports a wide range of operating systems, and respective app stores can work for purchasing a premium subscription. Furthermore, some routers can connect mainly through NordVPN, as devices such as your smart TV doesn’t have a built-in VPN system.

There are four subscriptions you can make: $11.95 a month, $83.88 yearly, $95.75 every two years, or $107.55 for three years. You can pay via credit cards, PayPal, or various cryptocurrencies. There’s a 30-day guarantee for you to get back your money if you’re not satisfied. If you want, you can opt for the 3-day trial version and decide whether you want it later on. The pricing is evident and won’t implement sneaky payment tricks. The trust factor is there, and you should have to worries about purchasing your membership.

If you are unable to make a payment for a Premium account, just try using the NordVPN MOD that we provide in this article. The mod features allow you to access the application as a VIP account. The great thing is that you don’t need to make any microtransactions, everything is free.

Functionality and performance

There are all technical functions you’d find on any VPN service: OpenVPN support for high-level data encryption, high performance, and a kill switch. There’s also DNS leak protection which secures your identity. You can even find double data encryption and support for Onion. They offer more security alongside advertisement and malware protection. P2P support is its bonus over other VPN service provider, which allow streaming to be possible.

The wide range of features can be confusing for some people. I had a few problems regarding the use of this application, and I believe you would, too. Luckily, there’s a 24/7 support which you can contact via email or live chat. They help you use every function correctly and will try their best to solve any unexpected failures.

  • Servers

The list of available servers is long and frequently updated. There are currently 5130 servers from literally any place on the globe, with 33 countries involved. What is more, countries like Russia, Hong Kong, and Turkey all have strict internet policies, but NordVPN offers some servers there. None of the servers are virtual, which is essential as virtual ones sometimes fail to tunnel your connection. It’s a good thing for them to appear where they claim to be physically.

  • P2P connections

Torrents are only available for some servers, but they work just fine. In the US alone, the company allows users to use hundreds of P2P-friendly servers. Wherever you are, there’s a good chance that you’ll find your best fit. Along with its direct P2P support, NordVPN has other reasons to be the right choice for torrents: a strict no-log policy, multiple DNS layers, and traffic leak protection.

  • My actual usage of NordVPN

Anyway, my experience of using NordVPN has been fantastic. When I made my first subscription, I used some webpages to test the speed of non-VPN and VPN connections. Values differed insignificantly, so connection speed is, therefore, not a problem with NordVPN. You won’t have to worry much about consistency as well, because my internet browsing was smooth all the time. One particular thing I like about NordVPN is that it helps me watch Netflix shows. These shows, unfortunately, are exclusive for the American market, but I got to watch everything that I wanted. It was a surprise to me because I didn’t expect any VPN providers to be streaming-friendly.

  • Your privacy with NordVPN

Any VPN providers claim not to log your data, but NordVPN is among those who clarify it the most clearly. NordVPN does not record your IP addresses (which you use to connect to the service and where you connect to). Other vital information like your payment details, sent messages is nowhere under their control.

To my mind, you shouldn’t believe all the things companies say. However, for NordVPN, I found no privacy-related flaws. The company does keep some of your info, but that’s the most basic anyone could’ve guessed.

  • Performance of mobile apps

NordVPN runs effortlessly on both iOS and Android. Like on other platforms, you can have a full browsing experience. An interactive map is present to drag and choose servers manually, too. Anyway, due to some iOS policies, some features you find in the Android version wouldn’t be available on your iPhone or iPad. The mobile app made significant achievements, as well. On both operating systems, it’s an Editors’ Choice for VPN-related categories.

How to install

  • Download APK file from the link below.
  • Install like normal APK.
  • Login with Premium account and enjoy.

Rule to use Premium Accounts

  • Share this post as you can.
  • Do not change passwords of accounts.
  • Do not mess with any settings.
  • Do not unsubscribe to any subscribed plan.


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