Price leak confirms Google’s Pixel 5 an affordable flagship


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  • Google’s Pixel 5 has had its price leaked just weeks before release.
  • It’s rumored to cost €629 in Europe.
  • In USD, it may cost $599 or $699, just above the $$499 Pixel 4a 5G.

Google’s Pixel 5 is said to be coming out by the end of this month, and a new leak could tell us just how much it costs. According to Technik News, Google will ask €629 for the Pixel 5 when it drops. While the site doesn’t have a long leak history, it has proven reliable in predicting recent Samsung pricing, but all rumors are subject to a grain of salt. It’s not clear how much that could be in the UK, but its likely Google will price it between $599 and $699 to match other phones with the same SoC.

These prices are a far cry from Google’s previously expensive flagship smartphones and a lot more reflective of the lowered-specs predicted to be on offer — a Snapdragon 765G, a 90Hz FHD OLED display, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. That’s not to say that Google’s phone is cheap, but the company is making a no-gimmicks, no-frills, back to basics smartphone. It may not adhere to the Pixel story Google wanted to tell a few years ago, but it’s a price that people will find attractive and hopefully one that helps the brand move units at a time where most people’s budgets are tight.

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