How To Install One UI On Any Android Phone

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Hello Guys how are you i hope you are doing good and today i will show you how you can install One UI on android phone so without wasting more time lets get started.

How to install

  1. To install One UI your device must be rooted so here the link of how to Root your android device.
  2. Download the Quick Switch Magisk Module from the link below.
  3. Now open up Magisk Manager and go to modules and click one Add button and locate and select downloaded Quick switch zip file it will automatically install the module then click on reboot button.
  4. Now download One UI Home Launcher and One Shade APK files from the link below.
  5. Now open up Quick Switch app from app drawer and and it will ask for Root permissions just click on grant button and now click on One UI Home and click on OK Now the launcher is working on your device.
  6. Now open up One Shade app And turn it on to use the One UI Notification panels.
  7. Now your device is working on One UI Applications.
  8. Enjoy.

How to install and full review video


Quick Switch Magisk Module Zip : Download

One UI Home Launcher APK : Download

One Shade Notification Panel APK : Download

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