Download the all New Windows 11 Desktop Wallpaper

Download the all New Windows 11 Desktop Wallpaper

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Microsoft shares a new wallpaper to celebrate the upcoming holidays. This is not the first time we are seeing Microsoft sharing wallpapers for special occasions. Microsoft has released a number of custom wallpapers to celebrate various occasions. And if you are a wallpaper lover, now you can try a new custom Windows 11 Desktop wallpaper.

The new custom Windows 11 Desktop wallpaper has been officially shared by Microsoft on their forum. They have explained the wallpaper design and concept. Windows 11 custom wallpaper is designed by Brisseaux (Haitian American creative director) partnering with Microsoft. Here’s what Brisseaux said about the new custom wallpaper.

“The composition also creates a surreal landscape, offering a sense of adventure and potential new beginnings on the horizon,” says Brisseaux.

Talking about the design of the new custom Windows 11, it is an abstract artwork of floral elements. The wallpaper looks cool and fresh especially because of the smooth elements. Wallpaper is not just for making the desktop attractive, but it also inspires users with its elements.

Talking approximately the layout of the brand new custom Windows eleven, it’s far a summary painting of floral elements. The wallpaper seems cool and sparkling mainly due to the clean elements. Wallpaper isn’t always only for making the laptop attractive, however, it additionally evokes customers with its elements.

Windows eleven already comes with some particular wallpapers however the new custom wallpaper is different. Recently Microsoft additionally introduced Windows eleven SE which additionally comes with a colorful Bloom wallpaper. So now, withinside the Windows eleven wallpaper series, there are a complete of three Bloom wallpapers. It could be an outstanding addition to your wallpaper series that you could use on any huge display screen tool or even phone with cropped pixels. If you need to test the wallpaper, you could discover the preview below.

Wallpaper Preview:

Download the all New Windows 11 Desktop Wallpaper

If you like the new custom Windows 11 desktop wallpaper, then you can also download the wallpaper. To download the custom Windows 11 desktop wallpaper, you can use Google Drive and Google Photos links. The wallpaper is available in 7500 x 5000px resolution which is the original resolution. It is available in high quality and so you can also optimize it for phones and other devices.

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