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Lead by new head coach Steve Nash, the Nets look to become the top dogs of the East now that a healthy Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are ready to take the floor together.

Study MBBS in the USA with Scholarship 2020 Are you planning to pursue your career in the USA? Do you want to fulfill your dream of becoming a successful doctor and that too from a prestigious institution in the USA? Are you searching for a scholarship program that can make it easy for you to manage your expenses? Probably yes. That’s something which has brought you here. So, stay tuned to us as we will discuss everything you need to know regarding pursuing your doctorate career in the USA. Studying in the USA is a dream of every student. There are plenty of prestigious institutions in the country that offer an MBBS program that is more oriented towards practical knowledge than just theoretical learning. Pursuing your career in such prestigious institutions will not only provide you practical knowledge but will also enhance your skills and capabilities so that you can enjoy an exceptional medical life for the rest of your life. The medical degree is known as Doctor of Medicine (MD) in the USA. It is not known as MBBS. The language of instruction is English. All medical degrees in the USA are MCI, ECFMG, MCC, and WHO approved. The requirements for pursuing your career in MD in the USA varies. Usually, a student has to complete a four-year undergraduate program and then spend another four years in the Medical school. He/she has to complete an additional residency training of three to seven years before becoming a licensed practitioner. Table of Contents Why Study MBBS in the USA? Well, you might be wondering there are plenty of other options that I can choose from, so why should I prefer the USA only? The answer is that the quality of education in the US is extraordinary. The quality of education and the college environment, learning conditions, research opportunities, everything is perfect. Their medical degree is recognized worldwide, which makes it easier for you to find a job as a medical doctor either in the US or any other European country. So, getting admission in the US will boost career opportunities for you and open you to a wide range of possibilities. MD Program Details The first two years in a medical school are dedicated to book study and laboratory testing, making the students identify and treat illness. The National Board of Examiners accounts for the Medical Licensing Examination. Students take an exam in the second year of their medical school under the National Board of Medical Examiners guidelines. During the last two years, clinical experience is offered to the students. During this time, the students work with physicians who train them professionally. The second licensing exam is issued during the 4th year of medical school. After this, the residence training starts. Different institutions might have a different structure. The students can opt to go for a 6-year education and training program, which provides a compressed academic and medical education. Best Universities in the USA to Study MD in the USA • Harvard University Harvard is amongst the oldest Ivy League Institutes of higher study in the US. It was established back in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Here the students study biology, clinical sciences, and social behavior for four years. The institute is linked with two medical facilities that are affiliated to the university like TMEC. Financial Aid Financial aid at Harvard is provided on financial need, and the funds are awarded to the deserving students who try but fail to accumulate the funds. You can gather more information about their program of financial assistance from their website. • University of Washington MD Program The University of Washington is another renowned name in the US education system. It has experienced drastic changes in the last 38 years. The university covers five states and is recognized by the WWAMI program. Professional and advanced clinical skills, patient care, and high-quality knowledge is the trademark of this university. This university mostly gets top-ranked in the US News and World Report. Financial Aid The University of Washington provides financial aid for needy students. They demand your marital status, parental status, and independent status. Although the eligibility is not affected by these things, this information helps determine the loans for disadvantaged students and the scholarship for such students. You can visit the university website to gather more information about their scholarship program. • Yale University MD Program 2020 Yale university follows a traditional four-year Doctor of Medicine program. However, an option to choose a 5-year plan is given to the students who want it. Financial Aid Yale University provides financial aid to international students, similar to a need-based program scholarship program for US citizens. The criteria are almost the same for the international students as it is for the US citizens except for the loan sources. Visit their website to gather more information about the selection criteria. • Duke University School of Medicine MD Program Duke University ranks amongst the top 10 US medical schools. Their MD program prepares students for pursuing a broad spectrum of the medical career. That’s how the students prepare themselves for an extensive career in biomedical research, national and global health. In this program, the students learn; The fundamentals of sciences in the first year Clinical clerkships in the second year Scholarly Investigation in the third year Elective rotations in the final (fourth) year Financial Aid The university provides a financial aid program for its new applicants as well as returning students. The program of financial assistance is a need-based program and is awarded to the deserving students. You can gather more information from their website. Conclusion Being a medical doctor is a dream of many young individuals. When you get this education from a prestigious institution in the US, your career gets much more brightened. If you are looking to continue your studies and become a medical doctor in the US, consider the universities mentioned above. Almost all the best universities provide scholarships for international students. So, without wasting any further time, get into the research and gather as much information as possible and enroll your seat in a medical school in the US.

“I’m feel very excited and happy for Kevin, who’s had the longest layoff and the biggest challenge to overcome a career-threatening injury,” Nash said Sunday over Zoom. “He’s done everything that could’ve been asked and he shows a hunger and a desire of how much he loves the sport and wants to compete, so that’s been fantastic.

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