Download latest Google Camera Go APK

Download latest Google Camera Go APK

Here we have extracted the latest Google Camera Go 1.11 APK available for download. The APK has been extracted directly from the Nokia 1.3 phone. It has been tested working on many Android devices – new and old. It should work on Android 8.0 Oreo, 9 Pie, 10, or the latest Android 11.

Note that the Night Mode feature may not show up on all Android devices. In the original Camera Go APK v1.9, the Night Mode feature is hidden and only a few specific apps are whitelisted like Nokia 1.3, WIKO Y61, and WIKO Y81. However, you can install the Gcam Go (Camera Go Mod) for features like Night Mode and HDR+.

Most importantly, Camera Go APK can be installed on almost every Android device with any processor be it Qualcomm, Exynos, or MediaTek. It also does not care about the limitation of Camera2 API. It will run on anything. So as for the low-end phones, this is a big deal! Especially when it features Night Mode and HDR!

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